Print Fuse 5 Sheet Pack By Matilda's Own

Print Fuse 5 Sheet Pack By Matilda's Own

Matilda™s Own Printfuse  Printable Fusible Stabiliser Equivalent to Appli kay Wonder

Each sheet is A$ size, 5 sheets per pack.

Easily create your own appliqué patterns using your own printer, transfer your designs to Printfuse and then fuse to fabric to turn them into applique.

Matilda™s Own Printfuse is a pressure sensitive fusible stabiliser. It can be repositioned many times, however once heat is applied, Printfuse is permanently bonded to almost any fabric.

* Prepare the print image to the correct size on your PC.
* Place one sheet of Printfuse into the printer tray and commence printing.
* Allow a few minutes for ink to dry.

* Press the Printfuse to the wrong side of your fabric using a medium setting on your iron (no steam). The fusible side of Printfuse is the soft exposed side. Hold the iron in place for 3 seconds and then turn over and iron the fabric side.
* Once cooled, cut out your design.

* Peel back the protective release paper to reveal the sticky surface. It is best to let the applique© cool before removing the paper.
* Position the appliqué onto your quilt or garment and press into place. (Can be repositioned many times).
* When happy with placement, press both the appliqué side and the fabric side for the best bonding. (Bonds permanently to most fabrics)


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