Fussy Cutting Mirror and Viewers Pack 2

Fussy Cutting Mirror and Viewers Pack 2

This pack includes 10 Fussy Cutting viewers printed on cardboard and 1 Fussy Cutting Mirror.

Fussy Cutting Viewers Include;

  • 2” 8 Point Star,
  • 1” 8 Point Star,
  • 1” Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon,
  • 1" Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon (Round two),
  • Octagonal Kite for a 2” Octagon,
  • Hextagonal Kite for a 2” Hexagon,
  • 2” Equilateral Triangle for a 2” Hexagon,
  • 3” Equilateral Triangle for a 3” Hexagon,
  • 2” Icosceles Triangle for a 2” Octagon, 
  • Indulgence Petal (Pattern by Lilabelle Lane Creations)

Cut around the outer most triangle with your scissors or rotary cutter. Cut out the inner shaded area with an Exacto knife or similar.

Fussy Cutting Mirror
The Fussy Cutting Mirror is a great addition to any Quilter and English Paper Pieces tool box. It allows you to ‘Explore the Possibilities’ of fussy cutting. By simply positioning the mirror over your fabric you can see how your completed block will look before you even cut into your fabric. Amazing kaleidoscope effects can be achieved. The Mirror measures 5 ¼” Square. 


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