Creative Grids Elvira Quilting Tool

Creative Grids Elvira Quilting Tool

Meet Elvira, your new favorite curvy ruler!

She not only looks beautiful, she’s quite handy when quilting wavy lines or continuous curves. Unlike other rulers, that you have to constantly turn to quilt arcs on all sides of a block, Elvira can quilt multiple arcs in all directions without rotating the ruler.

Continuous Curves

She shines when quilting 2” squares with the continuous curve design. Simply quilt along the sides to quilt a series of curves along a row of blocks, then reposition to move right back up the ruler to quilt the other side.For single curve, use the top or bottom of the ruler, depending on which way you want the curve to face.

Curvy Lines

She can do so much more than continuous curves! Use the Elvira ruler to quilt:

  • wavy lines
  • scallops and multiple arcs
  • Textured designs
  • and more!

As with all Creative Grids Machine Quilting Rulers, Elvira:

  • Is made with 1/4” thick acrylic making it perfect for quilting with sewing machines or longarm machines.
  • Includes reference lines in both black and white making them visible on all colors of fabric.
  • Has Creative Grids Grip keeping her from slipping while quilting.

See instructional video here.

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