Bloc Loc Half Square Triangle 6 piece set

Bloc Loc Half Square Triangle 6 piece set

Bloc Loc's half square triangle rulers make the tough job of squaring up easy and fast! The groove slides along the seam to trim smaller units and allows quilters to rotate the block without lifting the ruler. The HST ruler can also be used to trim quarter square triangle and shaded nine patch units. Just think of all the projects that can be done with this ruler! 

There is nothing better than having the right size ruler for the job! We've assembled sets with our most popular rulers so you are prepared for any size project! Set 1 provides lots of size options.

This set includes 1.5", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 5.5" & 6.5" HST Rulers

There is a great vidow tutorial for the bloc loc half square triangle rulers here.

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