Pin Points - Press to the Dark Side Red

Pin Points - Press to the Dark Side Red

Do you press to the dark side?  It is a hotly contested question in craft world. I am so in love with this pin - it just makes me laugh. Every quilter has their preferred method of pressing and they staunchly defend it! 
Prove your point with this hard enamel badge or buy it for a friend who disagrees, just to stir them up. I mean, if it is on a pin it must be true !!

This pin is approx 3.5 cm high. (1 1/2 inches).

Modern hard enamel pins are made by adding enamel several times, raising the enamel higher than the metal die lines. It is then polished flat to the same level as the die lines, making it shiny and extremely durable.

This is a collectible limited edition pin with a deluxe spring clutch on the back.

The pin is packaged on a backing card and sealed in a cellophane bag, ready for gift-giving.

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