Pin Points - Pin Cushion

Pin Points - Pin Cushion

The classic tomato pin cushion in enamel pin form. The perfect gift for all kinds of crafters, this is the go-to universal pin cushion. Did you know that is used to be seen as good fortune to put a tomato on the mantel of a new house to guarantee prosperity and repel evil spirits. If tomatoes were out of season, families improvised by using a round ball of red fabric filled with sand or sawdust. The good-luck symbol also served a practical purpose—a place to store pins.

So now you can wear this good luck symbol and share your love of crafting at the same time - perfect !!

This pin is approx 3.6 cm wide (almost 1 1/2 inches)

Modern hard enamel pins are made by adding enamel several times, raising the enamel higher than the metal die lines. It is then polished flat to the same level as the die lines, making it shiny and extremely durable.

This is a collectible limited edition pin with a deluxe spring clutch on the back.

The pin is packaged on a backing card and sealed in a cellophane bag, ready for gift-giving.

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