My First Origami Animals Kit

My First Origami Animals Kit

My First Origami Animals Kit is the perfect way to introduce kids to the joys and cognitive benefits of origami. There are 17 life like and frustration-free animal projects, each with easy instructions and colourful matching folding papers. And once the models are folded, the fun continues with all sorts of stickers eyes, noses, paws and more to make the models look as silly or serious as kids want. They'll be so proud to show off their very first origami animals! 

Here are just a few of the endearing animal models included in the kit:

  • Cheddar the Mouse - This fuzzy little farmhouse denizen comes together in only 6 folds! What could be simpler?
  • Eli Elephant - This impressive two-piece model has color-reverse tusks approach with caution!
  • Dusty Dog - Leave the eye stickers off of this faithful friend for an authentic looking sheepdog model.
  • Bouncy Bunny - This adorable forest dweller has its head in the air, sniffing for only the finest clovers to munch.
  • Khloe Kitty - The most challenging model in the kit comes with a perk: its extendible paws can cling to page, note or a poster - hang in there, Kitty!
  • And many more!

This kit includes:

  • 150+ colorful stickers
  • 60 double-sided paper folding sheets
  • A 48-page full-color instruction book
  • 17 simple and exciting origami animal models to fold

Sold out.

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