Mini Maker - Snow Garden Embroidery Kit

Mini Maker - Snow Garden Embroidery Kit

Learn a new skill with Mini Maker! Adult craft kits in stitchery, macramé, paint pouring (and more!) let you try a new craft before going all in. Mini Maker offers bite-sized craft experiences without a huge investment of time and money to get started. Check out our hands-on activities that include everything to complete the project, plus easy instructions. Whether you’re looking for a fun project with friends, the perfect git or just a great rainy day activity, Mini Maker brings creativity to everyday life.

If you’re into quick, all-in-one bags of embroidery magic, then this Snow Garden Felt Embroidery Kit is for you! Is there anything more serene than a glorious snow garden or more fulfilling than the art of embroidery? The answer is no – to both. So you obviously NEED this Snow Garden Felt Embroidery project in your life! You’ll find the following inside that magical bag:
6" hoop
2 snowy floss colors
Stamped fabric (no transfer necessary!)
Easy-to-follow instructions
So be thinking about where you want your completed treasure to go, and grab a kit for a friend too! You’ll be “snow” glad you did! 


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