Kogin Purse Kit Pink Olympus G36

Kogin Purse Kit Pink Olympus G36

Kogin is a traditional Japanese embroidery technique that hails from the great sashiko traditions of northern Japan, but unlike sashiko, is a counted thread technique. With running stitches in white cotton thread on dark indigo cloth, kogin is said to resemble snow scattered on the ground. It is stitched from side to side, counting over mostly uneven numbers of threads: one, three, five and, very occasionally, seven. 

These kits use Kogin stitching combining traditional stitchery with modern designs.  

Kit Includes For One Purse:

Kogin Fabric 1100 
Kogin Thread 106
Kogin Needles
Purse Frame

Finished Size Approx.: 10cmx12cmx3cm

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