Kinder Girls Pattern

Kinder Girls Pattern

Did you see us ?
We are Violet and Ester and Ruby and we are bestest friends in the whole wide world. Did you see we are doing our best smiles and not pulling silly faces at all? If you want to and if you have some time and sewing things you can make a dolly kind of a bit like us. Or you could make lots of dollies and they could be bestest ever friends like us. Except maybe you will make some dollies who are a bit quieter than us because mostly we are big chatterboxes.

Full pattern, including pattern pieces and instructions to make your own kinder girl.
Pattern includes the three hairstyle options shown, as well as reversible dress and cardigan.

Finished doll approx 15 inches high.

These lovely doll patterns are made by the very talented Jodie Carleton

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