Fussy Cutters Pack

Fussy Cutters Pack

Fussy Cutting Pack includes 1 x sandpaper board, 1 x fussy cutting mirror, 1 x fussy cutting viewers collection 1 & 1 x fussy cutting viewers collection 2.

Viewers collection 1 includes: ¾ " Hexagon, 1" Hexagon, 1 ¼ " Hexagon, 1" 6-Point Star, 2" 6-Point Star, 1" Jewel, 1" Inverted Jewel, 2" Jewel, 2" Inverted Jewel, 5-Point Star for La Passacaglia

Viewers collection 2 includes:2” 8 Point Star, 1” 8 Point Star, 1” Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon, 1" Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon (Round two), Octagonal Kite for a 2” Octagon, Hextagonal Kite for a 2” Hexagon, 2” Equilateral Triangle for a 2” Hexagon, 3” Equilateral Triangle for a 3” Hexagon, 2” Icosceles Triangle for a 2” Octagon, Indulgence Petal (Pattern by Lilabelle Lane Creations)

The board is covered with a fine grit sandpaper that will assist in gripping your fabric and holding in place whilst you trace around your EPP or Applique templates.
The reverse side is smooth which makes it great for writing and drawing.  It is perfect for English Paper Piecing, hand piecing and Applique enthusiasts.

From Lillabelle Lane Creations


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