Enchanting Embroidery Designs

Enchanting Embroidery Designs

Enchanting Embroidery Designs - Whimsical Animal and Plat Motifs to Stitch by MiW Morita.

Enchanting Embroidery Designs invites you to create your own world using bright thread and imaginative stitching. 

Full of motifs that are both simple and playful zany crocodiles, cats, bears, even bats and ravens--this book invites you to be creative with its whimsical designs. These sweet scenes and characters are all full of life and texture, making them at home on your favorite piece of clothing, home accessory or wall hanging. 

These unusual and versatile designs include: 

  • Cheery flowers on a broach
  • Pretty pines on hanging ornaments
  • Colorful curly sheep
  • Fluffy clouds and stormy clouds
  • Bushy-tailed foxes
  • Moss on stone and microorganisms in Petri dishes
  • And more 

Simple how-tos take you through every recommended stitch, while a section on combining colors will inspire you to try mixing and matching to create something new. There's also a section on turning your stitchery into embellishments you can use, wear and share. Put your imagination and hands to work with the help of this inspiring embroidery book. 

About the Author

Miw Morita is a widely-exhibited painter, illustrator, animator, textile designer/artist and graphic designer whose work has appeared on everything from book and magazine covers to confectionery boxes and store logos.


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